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35 Beautiful Layered Anklet to Beautify Your Ankle

Ankle bracelets or anklet were worn for various occasions, including the signaling of women present in times of segregation of the sexes. In Indian marriage, anklets also play a role and ankle chains are sometimes used in Southeast Asia to limit the step for a certain feminine walk. Today, anklets are typically worn with toe rings and bare feet in India and women in the western countries often wear them as a fashion accessory. For example, sterling silver anklets can be worn for both formal and casual occasions and they are just as at home paired with a cocktail dress as with cutoff shorts, or bracelet anklets with seashell or anchor charms is go perfectly during summer. … Continue reading35 Beautiful Layered Anklet to Beautify Your Ankle

35 Best Sunglasses for Every Budget

Wearing sunglasses are make you feel easier to see on a sunny day, whether out on the road or not. And wearing the right sunglasses is also a great defense against ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause short-and long-term eye damage. Choose sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes; see the tag or sticker in it. The more coverage, the less sun damage inflicted on the eyes, so consider to buy an oversized glasses or wraparound-style glasses which help cut down on UV entering the eye from the inside. … Continue reading35 Best Sunglasses for Every Budget