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35 Pretty Braid Styles for Medium-length Hair

Braid maintains its position as one of the hairstyle trends that women will like. With various types of braid hair styles suitable to add to the beauty of your style. You can experiment with many braids if you have moderate hair. A messy crown braid for example, gives you a sophisticated look. In addition, it will give certain coolness. This hairstyle is ideal for a variety of occasions, from date nights to weddings.

 You can make it by forming two large braids on each side. Next, connect it above with a few clips, and draw a few strands. This hairstyle is perfect for “second day hair” when you don’t have time to wash it. Rub the top of your hair before tying it up with a clip. Braids two small sections of lower hair behind your ears. Leave the top of your hair loose, or tighten half of the hair strand with a large pin at the back of your head. Look at some of the images below to inspire you.

In this style, you can use a twist in place of a crown braid for the same cool look.
Relive your childhood memories with an easy braid hairstyle. Double Dutch Braid style will add beauty to your hair style.
This high ponytail hairstyle will create a beautiful impression of your hair style.
Feel the comfort of your hair style with the beautiful Quick Braid Into Low Knot. Here, you will enjoy an extraordinary graceful impression.
Enjoy this beautiful style of Milk Maid Braids to accompany your first date.
Enjoy the beauty of the Chunky Messy Braided Pony style to accompany you when you go to school. This hair style will provide comfort for you.
With beautiful colors, this Braided Bangs hairstyle will add a unique look to your look.
When attending an official event, this Tucked Messy With Braids And Twists hairstyle will add to your beauty.
Easy Plaited Updo This beautiful hairstyle is suitable to accompany your office style.
This Mini-Crown Braid street hairstyle will create comfort for yo
Perfect your cute look with Lace Braid Hairstyle. Here, you will be seen as sweet.
Easy Braid Hairstyle is perfect for those of you who are just enjoying this hairstyle.
With a beautiful blonde color, this side braid hairstyle will create the beauty of your style.
Perfect your elegant look with this beautiful braid hairstyle. Here, this beautiful back braid is very easy for you to try at home.
If you have thick hair, then this Dutch braid style is perfect to accompany your looks. For the final touch, pull the braids to make it thicker and messier.
This low horizontal Dutch braid hairstyle is suitable for your formal way
Cute modern hairstyles suitable for special occasions. Here, a messy style will usually add an elegant impression of your hair style.


This unique braid hairstyle will add a trendy look to your look. With a combination of black and blonde, this hair style is even more extraordinary.
Burgundy Flip Over Braid Hairstyle is a hair style that is simple and easy to do at home. So, you can try it easily and cheaply. As a result, you will enjoy an extraordinary hair style.
When you have curly hair, you can try Three Braid Hairstyle. This hairstyle will create a unique and trendy impression for you.
This beautiful Blonde Side Braid Hairstyle will add beauty to your casual style.
This unique Pony Braid Hairstyle will add comfort to your look. In addition, this hairstyle is very easy for you to try at home.
Here the Open Lock Sensual Braid Hairstyle creates an extraordinary sensual impression. Enjoy this style to accompany you on non-formal occasions.
For those of you who like bohemian style, Boho Braid Hairstyle will provide inspiration for you to try.
These two beautiful Mini Braids create the beauty of your hair style. Apart from that, you will enjoy exceptional comfort.
This African Braid with Knot black hairstyle adds harmony to your look. This hairstyle will be very suitable for you who want to look stylish.
Enjoy the beauty of Crown Braid Hairstyle to accompany you while attending formal events. Here, you look more extraordinary.
This Dual Braided Hairstyles will add to your elegant look. With silver color, you will always look amazing.
The appearance of Cross Boho Braid Hairstyle will create your beauty and beautiful impression. This style is suitable for you when attending a wedding.
Create your unique look with Side Braid on Shag Hairstyle. This style will add comfort when you do activities at home.
Create a beautiful impression with Cornrow Braid Hairstyle to accompany your appearance when you go to the office
This beautiful Weaved Braid Bun Hairstyle is perfect for your casual style.
With a beautiful gray color, this unique braid hairstyle is suitable to accompany your trendy look.
Two braids are always enough and adorable. Furthermore, this gray color adds to the fashionable impression of your hair.
This simple braid style is getting prettier with a black band. This display style creates a casual impression for you.


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