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35 Beautiful Layered Anklet to Beautify Your Ankle

Ankle bracelets or anklet were worn for various occasions, including the signaling of women present in times of segregation of the sexes. In Indian marriage, anklets also play a role and ankle chains are sometimes used in Southeast Asia to limit the step for a certain feminine walk. Today, anklets are typically worn with toe rings and bare feet in India and women in the western countries often wear them as a fashion accessory. For example, sterling silver anklets can be worn for both formal and casual occasions and they are just as at home paired with a cocktail dress as with cutoff shorts, or bracelet anklets with seashell or anchor charms is go perfectly during summer.

When choosing an anklet to pair with your outfit or vice versa, make sure that the anklet will be visible and not compete with your outfit. Do not choose strong patterns that may overpower the anklet and be sure to keep your feet in viewing condition with trimmed toenails and moisturized feet. And you decided to wear other jewelry, be sure your other jewelry complements your anklet; if wearing a delicate silver anklet, don’t choose a chunky necklace or bracelet. Take a look at these 44 beautiful layered anklet to beautify your ankle below.

Anklets come in various styles and coins like that and Croatian bohemian bracelets look very cool on the beach with bare feet.
Silver Coin Chain for Bracelets. This Arabic-themed coin chain is perfect for girls.
For the Boho beach look, these are the perfect bracelets and accessories. And then, for anklets, you can use Indian and Bollywood style bracelets that stick out to your toes.
Try wearing black boots to make your silver ankles really stand out and look prominent and beautiful.
To look sexy you can wear a gypsy look to your feet with a layered chain. You can try adding it to the chain too and it looks really amazing.
Tan skin is the most beautiful thing, making it more beautiful with gold leg jewelry. Thus, the appearance of your feet looks elegant.
Infinity style anklets look amazing and can be worn with every dress.
Whether you are barefoot or wearing a flat and pump, a screwdriver bracelet looks very pretty.
Heel with Gold Plated Ankle Chain. Then, add a simple anklet layer for a different and stylish look.
Plain Gold Ankle Chains make your feet look glamorous.
Black Beads and Sexy Feet, This is really a very elegant and cute anklet.
Beautiful butterfly anklets keep the ankles light and to quote, some flowers or butterflies look very amazing on the feet.
Diamonds look very sexy and glamorous, so many bare heels and diamond chains like that add to the charm of your feet.
Anklets with several Croatian Chains attached with wedge shoes look very fashionable.
Try this style, by wearing a sexy Croatian Bracelet with Barefoot Sandals, then your feet look amazing.
You can wear a Bejeweled Egyptian Ankle Bracelet. It’s easy to make, use your old necklace for an anklet like that.


Chic gypsy silver bracelets with small bells make your feet look special.
You can also wear pearl-coated anklets and silver beads to look slick and beautiful.
It’s a good idea to wear a statement beach bracelet with plated chains and large rhinestones. Then, your appearance looks perfect and beautiful.
Silver plated chain bracelets with silver beads make the impression of your feet luxurious.
Looks simple but elegant, by wearing shell and rhinestone anklets.
Do you like the simple style but still elegant. If so, then try this style, a chain-lined beach bracelet with a pendant. For you to wear anklets.
Looks perfect with white anklets with coins, shells and beads
Wear a statement bracelet with large rhinestones and pearls, making an elegant impression of your feet.
Look simple with silky smooth chain anklets with silver and emerald beads.
Cute silver and turquoise bead bracelets for you to wear while on vacation.
You can wear a delicate anklet chain with a star pendant on your ankle. So, your appearance looks perfect.
If you like the simple and beautiful style. Hence, a fine chain anklet with various pendants is the right idea.
Smooth gold bracelets with large green beads Looks charming for you to wear.
This unique idea, with gold leaf and pearl chain bracelets makes your legs look perfect.
Try wearing a leather corded anklet with a shell pendant for a cool look.
Metal bracelets with silver beads and dark blue rhinestones are the perfect idea for you to try.
Colors also make a funny impression on your feet, with silver bracelets with beads, starfish decorations and pendants. Then, you look perfect and beautiful.
Smooth and delicate chain bracelets with small beads and coins that you can wear while on vacation. This is perfect for you to try!
A thin and delicate chain anklet with a starfish pendant. This is a neat combination for your ankle style.


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